Monday, August 1, 2011

July 31: My Favorite Place in the World

When Bob got up in the morning, he looked through this fence at the campground, and this is what he saw...

"Good morning, Mr. Buffalo," he said as he backed away from the none-too-sturdy fence.

From there we drove to our favorite campground on our favorite lake by our favorite town.

Vagabond Campground is situated on Potato Lake, MN and we have spent part of each summer there for the last 25 years. What good memories we have of sharing time here with our kids, with the Peggs, with Cam and Myrna, and even with Holly from Australia.

The campground is about 7 miles from Park Rapids. Rob is in awe of this town of 3000 because it has a 24 hour Walmart plus two grocery stores that are also open 24/7.

We had lunch at the Schwatzwald Cafe which has been there forever. My meal is pictured below, but I want Jocelyn to know that their special from Thursday to Saturday is pork hocks. I'm not joking!

Jocelyn, you should also notice that the cucumbers in a dill sauce are more like dill in a cucumber sauce. A little heavy on the dill!

Every year we catch the Northern Light Opera's summer production. This year's show was "The Music Man" with a cast of over 50 with ages spanning from 3 to into the 80s.

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