Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aug. 12: Megalopolis

It's totally amazing to be in an area of the world that is so densely populated. Today we left New York City, stopped for a visit in Philadelphia, went through Baltimore (where Bob and I looked at each other and unamimously decided NOT to break into "Good Morning, Baltimore"), and ended up in Washington, D.C. These cities are in such close proximity.

I won't say we visited an "old" friend in Philadelphia for that would be an insult to Linda. Instead, I'll say we visited a friend from a long time ago and it was so good to reaquaint.

We had tickets to the musical "Oklahoma" at a great theater in the round in Washington. The production was SO GOOD. WCS did that as its first musical under Colleen's direction and it was amazing how many lines I remembered before they were spoken. There was very creative use of props and Bob was in awe of their lighting system. It was a wonderful evening and we learned a major lesson: people in D.C. dress up way more than people do for Broadway shows!

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