Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aug. 3: Chicago, Chicago, My Kind of Town

Apparently Chicago is known for its hot dogs and pizza. We never did get around to trying the pizza, but here is my hot dog. The weiner is red, don't ask me why.

We spent quite a bit of the day on the water as we took an architectural tour on the rivers of Chicago. The lady narrating spoke for 90 minutes with only one small sip of water and no pauses at all. My thought: she's a retired teacher! We also took a shoreline tour of Lake Michigan. It was a great day to be catching water breezes as it was very warm and very muggy.

Whilst on the river tour, we saw this sight and I thought to myself that this is a job I would never want.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, take a closer look at this guy working on the angled bridge. Yikes!

The photo below shows part of the Navy Pier. It's filled with rides, restaurants, shops, and theater. What a lovely place for urbanites to enjoy.

Rob and Crystal, you will remember how our GPS died when we were in Florida and how Bob bought a new one. He got it out to use and discovered he had brought the old, wrecked one along instead of the new one. Why we hadn 't thrown out the old one is a mystery. Off to the store went Bob and so now we have two new GPSes. Let us know if you want dibs on one of them.

Bob and I have passed through Chicago several times on our travels, sometimes even going right through downtown rather than by a more circuitous route. I'm so glad that this time we chose to be tourists here as it is an amazing, vibrant city.

Bob, as usual, was a great driver, quite unfazed by downtown Chicago traffic. I know you can be unfazed, but can you be "fazed"? If so, I was definitely fazed when I paid for our parking. It was $30!

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