Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aug. 4: Favorite Things: Fairs, Food, and Quilts

Today we hit the first of the state fairs we are visiting, and what a fair it is! Everyone who lives in houses for blocks around spraypaints lines on their lawns and charges $10 for people to park on them. I kept looking for someone who spray painted lines on their gardens, but that was too extreme for these entrepeneurs.

The price was right for the fair. If you brought two canned goods for the food bank, your admission was $2 instead of $9.

We have been to a lot of fairs including the Stampede and the Sydney Royal Easter Show and we don't think we have seen a bigger, busier fair especially at 10 a.m. on opening day. Colin, Bob looked around and grumpily asked, "where are the show bags?" That's an Aussie idea that should cross the ocean.

Vanessa, the next photo is for you. You know "Ski the Fish," "Slide the Pig"!!

And now on to the most important component of any fair: the food. At the Weyburn fair, elephant ears are about as exotic as the foods get. Here, elephant ears are passe and barely get a blink.

We were cautious eaters selecting the deep-fried cheddar nuggets as, after all, you gotta eat cheese in Wisconsin. Yum! But look at the other foods. Two obliging ladies and their children had bought the deep fried butter/krispy kreme burger/chocolate covered bacon on a stick combo and were happy to let me photograph it.

The quilts at the fair were beyond wonderful. I believe you have to win at a county fair before your quilt can be entered here. The quilts are all hung so that their bottom edge is ten feet from the floor so that no sticky fingers can touch them. I agree to the idea but it made photographing them difficult.

I loved this first one, but someone must have taught a class as there were a few identical ones.

Jan, notice that even prize winners can use yoyos!

And here is the standout of the show! You can see how many ribbons it one and it deserved everyone of them. It was a birthday quilt with stippling everywhere making the images pop out. There were embellishments on top of embellishments. It was definitely the crowd pleaser.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog. We are in Amish country and this northern Indiana area has flower beds designed as quilt blocks.

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