Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in Weyburn

We are back in Weyburn after our exceptional holiday and I know it won't be long before we wonder if it was all a wonderful dream.

Here are some facts and opinions about our trip:

We traveled 8702 kms (5221) miles. We thank our old, reliable van for getting us to NYC and back. It has almost 400,000 kms on it so we have to wonder how many more trips it has in it.

The least we paid for gas was $3.23/American gallon and the most we paid was $3.75/American gallon.

The top 5 shows we saw were:
1. Book of Mormon
2. How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
3. Sister Act (for Bob)/Priscilla Queen of the Desert (for me)
4. Priscilla (for Bob)/ Sister Act (for me)
5. Oklahoma (seen in the round in Washington, D.C.)

We ranked the fairs to in this order:
1. Iowa
2. Wisconsin (for Bob)/ West Virginia (for me)
3. West Virginia (for Bob)/ Wisconsin (for me)
4. Illinois
5. Ohio
It was a shame that the other two fairs we planned on stopping at were
canceled: North Dakota due to massive, heart-breaking spring flooding
and Indiana due to a horrendous stage collapse with five deaths the
day before we got there.

Best fair foods :

1. Paul Bunyan burger
2. corn roasted in the husk
I have been misleading you by showing all the unusual foods sold at the fairs in that we never ate any of them except for the deep fried cheese and the deep fried buckeyes. Our "adventurous" tastes ran to kettle popcorn. lemonade, and burgers. I dare confess here that I have never had a corndog in my life and I never intend to. As we drove home the last day, we realized we hadn't even bought an elephant ear which is always a favorite of ours at the Weyburn fair. Oh, well, next year!

Best hotel: the Edison in New York
We stayed at hotels in Chicago and Washington, D.C. but they
were cheap and inadequate compared to the Edison

Best campground: K.O.A. in Middlebury, Indiana (Bob)/
Vagabond Campground in Park Rapids, MN (me)

Top 5 Highlights of the Trip:
1. Chinatown, Manhattan Rotary meeting
2. Book of Mormon on Broadway
3. Amish Country in Indiana (getting more commercialized all the time
but still a lot less commercialized than Lancaster County in PA)
4. architectural boat tour of Chicago
5. Bronx Zoo (Bob)/Tenement Museum (me)

Best Quilt Shop: Surprising Bob did not have a winner in this category.
The Old Country Store in Intercourse, PA (me)

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