Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Ball and Intercourse

We drove from Ohio to Reading, Pennsylvania today in rain all the way, lots of rain. We stopped in Lancaster County to visit two train museums, both of which were of great interest to Bob. Here he's pointing to the train he had as a kid.

We went through two towns with interesting names. See below.

The two towns are about 8 miles from each other. I love this part of the world. Farms are close together, many of them Amish farms. So many have stands selling vegetables and flowers. There are lots of lovely, old brick homes and my head just swings back and forth trying to see everything. Meanwhile Bob does a little swearing about the narrow, windy roads with horses and buggies and children on bicycles. I just tune him out and continue to enjoy what I am seeing.

We stopped at a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. Jocelyn, they had sauerkraut and pork on the menu. Well, I didn't pass that up and had very good memories of Mom while I ate it. Bob and I chuckled at some of the foods that classified as vegetables in this restaurant. You can see that below.

Bob and I are so pleased that we can get two extra days in NYC. We'll be there tomorrow so we will add some extra shows to our schedule. Elizabeth, I checked out "War Horse" on the internet and, indeed, it sounds good. We phoned the Edison and were able to book the two extra nights there ... tomorrow night for $139. $139 to be 30 seconds from Times Square: priceless!

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