Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aug. 10: 2 Broadway Shows Today

"How to Succeed in Business" started at 7 this evening and we just got back to the hotel now; it is one long show. But more about that later.

Bob went to the Bronx Zoo today so I sent the camera along with him. He was impressed with the stained glass at some of the subway stops. He was also impressed with the zoo which had very large areas for its animals. The zebra enclosure was so large that he never did see any zebras! Crystal and Rob, you can see that he didn't get as up-close-and-personal with the giraffes here compared to at Busch Gardens.

While Bob was at the zoo, I went to find tickets for a matinee. Then I went to Macy's (yes, Glenda, I was shopping for you!) Bob and I met up and had lunch at an Irish pub. I included this photo in the hopes that you can read the politically incorrect signs behind Bob.

I got matinee tickets to "Catch Me If You Can." It took awhile to engage me, but by the second act, I was really liking it.

Tonight we went to "How to Succeed in Business." I hate how these twirpy young movie stars think they have the capability to perform on Broadway. That's like a shop student thinking he can do physics. (Gosh, I hope Monty reads my blog.) Back to that twirpy movie star ..... RELAX, Elizabeth and Katie, I was totally JOKING. Daniel was great as was John Larroquette. It was the most humorous of the musicals we have seen and the audience went crazy over the whole production. Well done, Harry ... er ... Daniel.

One last show tomorrow night ("The Book of Mormon") and then it is time to say goodbye to NYC again.

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