Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug. 11: Around the Island

I'm just editing today's post upon our return from "Book of Mormon." We were standing in line next to the stage door (see above) and I noticed a young man standing just outside the line talking on his cell phone. He looked like a wannabe actor; you know, Converse runners, muscular arms, cute haircut, that look. I was feeling sorry for him thinking he wants to be a Broadway actor and can't even afford to see a Broadway show. Then he says "excuse me," goes past us through the stage door and the next time I see him, he is IN "Book of Mormon." There was my brush with fame and I missed it.

The South Park boys can write as many musicals as they want and I WILL SEE THEM. "Book of Mormon" was hilarious, irreverent, entertaining, terrific! It won the 2011 Tony Award for best show and it wins the Kinger Award for the best of the seven we saw. Bob concurs.

Rob, do you want to golf with Dad? You can do it here right on the water and you and Dad won't even have to look for water balls. Isn't this creative use of the Chelsea Pier?

Bob and I went on a three hour Circle Line boat trip around Manhattan Island. We had done this when the kids were little so let's just say we hadn't done it for a very long time. I have resisted showing too many photos of magnificent NYC because we want to meet Lyn and Colin here someday and I fear that if I show too many photos, they will say, "why meet the Kings there. We've seen everything!" Speaking of the Booths, Elizabeth, Megan stayed at the Edison when she was here.

We loved seeing the city on such a beautiful day; the skies were as clear as what we get in Saskatchewan.

The sign below and all its mates disgust me. Isn't Manhattan supposed to be a cacophony of honking? Even the Times Square area is pretty quiet which isn't something we had experienced on previous trips here. I liked the noise as a contrast to home. Vanessa, maybe you and I will have to turn Staveley into a honk zone (as opposed to a barking dog zone) so that it's still a contrast to NYC!

I had a bagel for lunch from the best bagel shop in Manhattan.

When we left the Circle Line tour, we split up as I spotted a Salvation Army thrift shop which Bob saw no reason to visit. No treasures for me, but it was interesting. Then I walked in the Clinton area, west of the Times Square area and I came across a few beautiful little gardens, each about the size of my yard. Lucky are the urbanites that live near them.

Then I headed to the Museum of American Folk Art branch up by Lincoln Center. Actually it isn't a branch now as the main museum next to MOMA closed with $34 million of debt. This museum is really small but had a lovely display of star quilts.

There was a farmers market going on nearby and a few of the booths were selling garden flowers. Leah, cut my glads and zinnias immediately and sell them; we can split the lofty profits 50-50!

Tonight is our last Broadway show. It better not disappoint us1

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