Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aug. 13: Wonderful West Virginia

West Virginia has always had a special place in Bob's and my hearts, especially the area around Lewisberg. The scenery in the state is stunning and the history pre-Civil War and during the Civil War is fascinating. During our many trips to this area we have met people who are memorable and dear to us. We were so happy to be back! If Park Rapids is my favorite place in the world, then this is my second favorite place. And, sorry Royal Easter Fair of Sydney and Agricultural Fair of Weyburn, the State Fair of West Virginia is our favorite fair.

It's an incredibly well organized fair with lots to see and do. I climbed into the grandstand to take this photo of the midway.

Bob had a chance to visit with his brother Doug at the fair for Doug runs King Concert Lighting which does the grandstand staging. You can see by the phone attached to Doug's ear that it was a working day for him.

This is the grandstand stage with some of Doug's equipment set up.

While Bob and Doug visited, I went to check out the blue ribbon quilts. The quilts were hung very high, but row upon row of them made quite an impression. I have lots of photos of the best quilts plus photos of the dahlias and other flowers as well as photos of the cabinets full of eggs that were being judged (that seeing to be a popular entry), but the internet is loading my photos very slowly tonight so I'll resist posting many.

I can't resist putting the next photo in though. Lyn, I am pretty sure this is the pattern you and the other Stitchers used for your row quilts.

I really don't know if this fair had weird fair foods or not as Bob and I headed right to our favorites: corn roasted in its husk and Paul Bunyan burgers. My battery died before I got a photo of the burger. It has a meat patty, a ham slice, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and a special sauce and it is delicious. The booth has sold it for 40 years and Bob attended the fair for the first time 39 years ago. He and that burger have a lot of history. A service club roasts corn over a wood fire and serves it up with butter and salt. Yum. That area of the fairground is always teeming with people who have butter dripping off their elbows and bits of kernel hanging from their chins. Everyone just grins at the shared experience.

It was difficult to move on this evening; this state is just too good to leave.

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